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15 Dec: Emily Sumudivila

Emily now operates business outlets of the curtain business in Quezon and San Pablo City. She also purchased a delivery van that serves clients in Cavite, Laguna and Rizal. The business keeps expanding. Banks are now offering loans to Emily when, just four years ago, she was blacklisted. Truly for Emily, God’s ways are wonderful!


15 Dec: Joy Libre

Joy and Frankie acquired a house through the government’s housing program. Joy thanks God that her little boy will never have to live on the streets the way she and Frankie did.


10 Jan: Rebecca Aguinaldo

Until now and for almost 25 years, our fellowship group in Tondo still remains. People come and go but there are still few of us there who are pioneer members. The key is “we didn’t stop” but pressed ourselves to become more actively involved in CCT.