Carlo Cerbito

Work in Progress

Carlo Cerbito took to life on the streets after his release from prison in 2011 because he harbored resentments against his family. For five years, he roamed Manila’s streets, surviving only through scavenging and stealing, until a friend invited him to a Kaibigan Ministry feeding session. Several weeks later, the Kaibigan Ministry asked him to join an evangelistic camp. Wasted from drugs, his plan was to simply enjoy the camp – the food and a good place to sleep – then go back to the streets. But God began to soften Carlo’s heart and he started feeling God’s presence in his life.

With some other street dwellers, he began attending the electrical installation and maintenance course at the CCT Magdalena campus in Laguna. There, he struggled with his spiritual beliefs, and was often tempted to go back to his vices. The retreats he attended while at Magdalena, however, reminded him of the Father’s love and strengthened his faith. He realized that God was always with him even in the midst of his struggles.

When Carlo graduated from the technical-vocational course, he received an award for being a responsible student.

His relationship with his family has since been restored. He believes that it is God’s love that truly changed his attitude toward his family. He now has a deeper love for them knowing that no matter the situation, his family is the Lord’s blessing to him. Carlo is thankful to CCT for introducing the Lord to him. “Without Jesus, my life had no direction. I was never content. With God, I have a great Friend can lean on when life’s challenges put me down.”

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