Elias Gutas

and Jacqueline Baylon

From Test to Testimony

Elias Gutas, warehouse custodian, and Jacqueline Baylon, food factory worker, led similar lives. Both were addicted to gambling and alcohol. Compounding Jacqueline’s life were hypertension, kidney stone formation, and osteoarthritis. Both went through hills and valleys, and distrusted their capacity to rise from where they had fallen.

When the Covenant Community Multipurpose Cooperative took over the reins of the human resources component of the food ingredients factory where they worked, dawn broke into their lives. They came to know Christ and about Christlikeness, began to read God’s Word, and joined a discipleship group that brought them in closer intimacy with God. Their value systems changed.

God gave Elias and Jacqueline, in parallel, the strength to leave their vices. Today, Bible studies give them spiritual support, and CCMC’s work ethics have made them excel in their respective workplaces. They have become models in factory relations, and trusted heads of their families. With their respective families, they praise God for transforming their lives.

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