Lorry Unak

Security in Christ

Lorry describes herself as selfish and greedy before she came to know Christ and received Him as her personal Lord and Savior. Often involved in clan conflicts for years, she is now the leader of a savings group in the town of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

She recalls the lack of borrowing opportunities in her village because companies believe that tribal borrowers are not able to pay dues. She is grateful for an emergency loan granted by CCT with no interest. “The PhP30,000 entrusted to me was a great help for my family,” she says. “CCT taught us the value of savings and how to put up and run a business,” she says. “I was able to borrow capital to start a sari-sari (neighborhood) store.”

“CCT also helped provide for my children’s education. One of my children has graduated from college.” she adds. This daughter is now a teacher who helps support the family.

“My life changed since I surrendered my life to Christ,” Lorry testifies. Her children also changed. They are now more loving and respectful, regularly attending Sunday church services. She says, “I thank God for CCT because my children now know the Lord. We face the future with a greater sense of security.”

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