Patricia del Rosario

Winning Battles with Faith

Life started out difficult for Patricia del Rosario. Married at 15, her husband’s income as a fisherman was never enough for them and their five children. To help put food on the table, she enrolled in a beautician’s course, and because she did not have a salon, she became an ambulant stylist. She earned about PhP200 a day doing house-to-house visits.

Her eldest child decided to go to Dubai where she landed a good paying job and sent money home. Patricia and her husband used the money to buy their own fishing boat. With much effort, after several years, they were able to buy two big boats and two small ones that somehow raised them from poverty. However, they always needed cash for fuel for the boats or boat repair.

Patricia joined a CCT fellowship group and received PhP4,000 as her first loan. She shared ideas with her group and encouraged her co-members when they faced problems. She sold her two big boats with the decrease in fish catch and sales in the area. The increasing popularity of mobile phones also decreased her sales. Buyers easily contacted suppliers and fishermen with the cheapest price. The PhP160,000 loan she recently borrowed went to the purchase of a service vehicle for delivering fish products to suppliers.

Patricia today has three boats and nine workers. She also sews nets. She still has problems—her husband became paralyzed and could no longer work. She still has debts to pay and has to work hard. But her story proves that victory is not the absence of trials. It is how you win your battles by having faith in God.

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