Rebecca Aguinaldo

A Testimony from Rebecca Aguinaldo

I joined CCT in 1997. That time, CCT office in Tondo is still located in Kagitingan and the person who granted me my first loan was Ate Ruth. My first loan was PhP1,000 only which I have to pay in six-month time. The amount was too small for my dress shop business, but I still joined CCT during those times when I was in great depression (primarily because I was reaching my old age).

It was in 1995 that my youngest brother died leaving his five children under my care. I have also five children to attend to. I needed to balance my time for family and my work which affected me physically and emotionally. Then my helper told me that I am fit to join the weekly fellowship of CCT because of my desire to read and study the Word of God.

My intention in joining CCT was not really about the monetary assistance which I get but because of the relationship I had with other nanays. We gather for bible studies and spend time knowing each other as we grow deeper in our relationship with God and among each other. There are times when I feel burdened about their situations that I had to pray for them and help them in the best way I can.

I was able to restore my passion to reach and help out in our community and invite other nanays to become members of CCT as well. I had opportunities to attend different seminars that brought out the best in me as a leader. I was very grateful that I could serve God and other people. From then on, I witnessed how the ministries of CCT have expanded and grew far beyond the original goals.

Through the loans I availed, I was able to support the needs of my family and have my children finished their studies. I was able to train my neighbors and provide them jobs in my small tailoring shop. Some of them are now employed in big sewing contractors in the country. That is why I really push and encourage my fellow nanays that we also aim higher for our businesses and families while enjoying the privileges of being CCT partners. I told them that we should not blame CCT if we do not progress because it is our main responsibility to help ourselves regardless of what we want in our lives.

I encouraged them to invest more in savings if they do not need to loan for their business. I always call their attention about the importance of their engagement in fellowship meetings and other CCT related activities. There were times when I could not attend the fellowship meetings because I was sick, but I felt the love from my fellowship group that eagerly prayed for my fast recovery. I already stop making dresses because of my sickness but now I focused in selling ready-to-wear items and other buy and sell products.

Until now and for almost 25 years, our fellowship group in Tondo still remains. People come and go but there are still few of us there who are pioneer members. The key is “we didn’t stop” but pressed ourselves to become more actively involved in CCT.

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