Changing hearts,
Renewing minds

Testaments of enlightenment

From darkness to light, failures to success, from ruins to redemption. Each has their own stories of how they triumphed even when certain defeat was all but inevitable. Showcasing the indomitable spirit that characterizes our fervor to serve the poor, the marginalized, and the helpless, witness how once-downtrodden people now pays it forward to others who seek help as well.


Rico Meras

Now in sixth grade, Rico continues to be part of the VOH family. He excels academically, and is a talented artist, dancer and a promising football player. Confident in his identity, he trusts God’s promises for him and looks forward to living out his full potential.


Amelita Estorco

Amelita has big dreams for her children. She continues to work hard for her family and trusts in God that she will succeed, holding on to His promise in Psalm 37:3—“Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”


Patricia del Rosario

Patricia today has three boats and nine workers. She also sews nets. She still has problems—but her story proves that victory is not the absence of trials. It is how you win your battles by having faith in God.


Elias Gutas and Jacqueline Baylon

God gave Elias and Jacqueline, in parallel, the strength to leave their vices. Today, Bible studies give them spiritual support, and CCMC’s work ethics have made them excel in their respective workplaces.


Carlo Cerbito

“Without Jesus, my life had no direction. I was never content. With God, I have a great Friend I can lean on when life’s challenges put me down.”