A Life Redefined

stories_1liferedefined_avatar.png“I used to be a troublemaker, a drunkard, and a marijuana user. I would buy cigarettes for myself instead of rice for my family. Me and my wife often argued. There was no peace in our home.”

When CCT came to Malungon in 2002, his daughter Gracie became one of its beneficiaries through Visions of Hope. Antonio was hired, along with other Blaans, to construct buildings at what would become the CCT Malungon Retreat and Training Center  (MRTC).

“All CCT workers have to join morning devotions and worship services. I attended only because I was afraid of losing my job. I would influence fellow workers to get drunk during working hours.”

One day at work, Antonio fell 20 feet to the ground and miraculously survived. Then he got really sick. Both times, he begged God to let him live. He answered his prayers, but didn't change.

Then a CCT pastor explained to him that Jesus did not come to earth to call the righteous, but sinners. It was then that he decided to accept Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Today, he is a grounds maintenance staff at MRTC. He also serves as a church pastor in a tribal community. “God has transformed my life! All praises be to Him."

CCT Malungon Retreat and Training Center