Charity Double Ten: Taiwan-Philippines Friendship

Praise God for another partnership that supports our commitment to serve our children!

To commemorate the 110th National Day of the Republic of China, the CCT Visions Of Hope (VOH) joined the Taiwan Association Inc., in their celebration of the "Charity Double Ten, Taiwan-Philippines Friendship."

CCT-VOH became the recipient of the donation event that was held in the CCT Support Office.

Likewise, in cooperation with the Overseas Community Affairs Council, the donation event was filled with thanksgiving as CCT-VOH received donations that included 10 laptops, shopping gifts, vouchers, and epidemic prevention supplies. CCT-VOH was blessed by the presence of President Huang Yahui, who personally handed over the donation and had fellowship with the CCT senior staff.

CCT-VOH gave back God's blessing to the Taiwan Association Inc., by organizing an event in the CCT Rose of Sharon House of Friendship and Magdalena Community Center. The kids of CCT-VOH expressed their gratitude by showcasing the Philippines' cultural pride through music, dance, food, games, and crafts.

Pray with us for the expansion of this Philippine-Taiwan friendship!