Faith Communities in Capiz Keep Bayanihan Alive

In the outskirts of Maayon, Capiz is a community of farmers. For many years, they had been struggling with transporting their produce to the market. The road going to the place is only passable by a motorcycle, which is laborious during rainy season when the roads are all slippery and rocky.

Imbued with perseverance, the community worked together in repairing their road for a safer route to the market. Out of their own pockets, 24 CCT community partners and staff contributed for the sacks of cement and other materials needed. While the men worked on repairing the road, the women happily prepared food for them. It was a tiring day yet full of joy and thanksgiving. During the harvest season in September 2020, they contributed PhP500 each from their harvest for the continuation of their repair project.

Moved by the extraordinary bayanihan spirit of the farmers, CCT Capiz and Aklan staff held a community worship in the village. After their 45-minute hike, the staff led the community to prayer and worship, which was also joined by non-CCT community partners.

Thirty children heard the Gospel and enjoyed learning activities—something that they missed doing due to the new normal restrictions. They were also blessed by the feeding program initiated by the staff.

Also in a nearby community, a group of farmers was burdened that they did not have a regular place to hold their fellowship meetings. During this time, one of the members offered the vacant lot near his home. The group then decided to build a hut where they could hold their Bible studies, prayer, and worship. The farmers contributed whatever they had for the construction materials. They worked together in the construction project while the women cooked food for them.

Out of the overflow of their hearts, this community now has a place for worship.

These communities in Maayon, Capiz keep the bayanihan spirit alive, showing us that working together in unity goes a long way, most especially when done for God’s glory.