Finding and Becoming God's Best

"Falling in love is very different from growing in love. There is no falling in love in Christian, it always grows because of Jesus Christ." - Sister Nor Gonzales

Praise to the all-knowing God for today's heart-to-heart talk about finding and becoming God's best, organized by the Jehovah Jireh Multipurpose Cooperative in partnership with CCT Training and Development Institute (TDI) and CCT Mutual Benefit Association (MBA)

TDI corporate members, Bro. Josil and Sis. Nor Gonzales shared their 39 years of love story written, molded, and strengthed only by God.

Contextualized on our Biblical roots and identity, Sis. Nor shared three things on how to maximize singleness by knowing that God has our best interest in His heart, doing and practicing daily obedience, and protecting our feelings by being still and calm.

Bro. Josil also emphasized how to discern the right person:

1. You have been praying for the person.
2. The relationship glorifies God.
3. The relationship makes you a better person.
4. He/She has high respect for you.

In light of all these, the question is, have you personally responded to the invitation to know God and becoming His best?