Strengthening the Ministry of Discipleship

We praise God for the 2022 Banghay Training that happened today led by the CCT Ministers Association of the Philippines (CMAP) and CCT Community Fellowship Inc (CFI). 

As CCT continues to work with the Holy Spirit, the pastors, area shepherds, FCM coordinators, and HR officers discussed the best practices and areas for improvement from the 2021 weekly Banghay fellowship group sessions, using the Message Outlines volumes 1-4, which they may learn from for their discipleship groups moving forward. 

Bro. Bertram Lim, Chairperson of CCT Group, emphasized the significant role of each one in discipling, "Don't just focus on the community partners. The CSLs should disciple the whole resident so that the community should be transformed." 

Pastor Edmon Ngo, Head Shepherd of CMAP and CFI, also shared that discipleship requires three things:
1. Careful identification
2. Inward transformation to outward multiplication
3. Community integration

We continually pray for our ministry workers as they do the ministry of discipleship in the CCT communities!