Immortalizing Memories of our Fellow Missionaries

Connected via Zoom across CCT areas, we once again honor the lives of our departed corporate members, fellow workers, and kaibigans in our nationwide CCT Day of Remembrance and Enshrinement.

We are also blessed to be with the family, friends, and colleagues of our enshrined CCT missionaries: Dr. Eduardo Morato (AIM Professor and CCT Partner), Bro. Edgar Silva (foreman of C's Kingdom Builders), Bro. Jun Castillo (Faith Community Missionary), Ms. Asuncion Cueto (VOH Consultant), Ms. Rosalina Loscos (teacher of CCT Visions of Hope Foundation), and Bro. Edwin Sanchez (Faith Community Missionary). We honored their legacy with the Enshrinement ceremony held in the Chapel of Remembrance in Lupang Pangako, Kalikid Norte, Cabanatuan City.

Anchored in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, Pastor Anthony Tabilin, chairman of Jehovah Jireh Multipurpose Cooperative, emphasized the reason for the commemoration of our departed loved ones: return, resurrection, and reunion.

Among the many highlights of the enshrinement ceremony was when the families  of the enshrined participated in immortalizing their memories and legacy by pinning their engraved name markers in the Chapel's memorial wall. Flowers were offered and a dove was freed by each family as a symbol of reuniting their souls in eternity.

After the solemn program, each family had the opportunity to visit the Kaibigan Villages of Lupang Pangako. In closing, everyone had a meaningful fellowship over lunch.

As we remember and commemorate the lives of our departed loved ones, we pray that the Lord will always find us faithful. To God be the Glory!