Kaibigans Paying it Forward Amid the Pandemic

Massive loss of jobs and livelihood were experienced in both urban and rural areas when the country was shaken with COVID-19. Fear and anxiety loomed in the hearts of Filipino households. Yet on the contrary, in CCT’s Lupang Pangako, also known as the Kaibigan Village, the situation was different.

The 36-hectare non-contiguous land in Kalikid Norte, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija serves as a resettlement area for former street dwellers (referred to as kaibigan or friend) ministered to by the Kaibigan Ministry.

Through CCT’s Balik sa Lupa (Back to Land) campaign, all households in Lupang Pangako were encouraged to do gardening in their backyards. During the enhanced community quarantine, by the grace of God, not a single kaibigan experienced hunger. Kaibigans reaped bountiful harvests of vegetables from their own backyard.

As they were blessed abundantly, the kaibigans paid it forward by blessing their community as well. They shared their meals with one another, even splitting the relief goods that they received from the local government among the community. Indeed, there was an overflow of God’s blessings that they were able to share their harvest to 200 families in Quezon City with the CCT Paglingap relief efforts.

To this day, discipleship remains consistent as they meet in small groups for Bible studies and conduct regular prayer time in their households.