CCT Holds its 30th Annual Membership Meeting via Virtual Event

By the grace of God, CCT successfully held its 30th Annual Membership Meeting last March 25, 2021 via zoom meeting. The event came in time, before the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the NCR plus bubble.

With 202 participants connected online, including board and corporate members, local and international ministry partners and friends, leadership council, and management staff—the CCT Group celebrated the Lord’s faithfulness over the last three decades!

Among the highlights was the President’s Report where Ate Ruth S. Callanta shared her reflections on the 30-year journey of CCT, from its humble beginnings as one organization in 1991, to where the Lord has expanded it today.

"Our convictions have been validated and affirmed that faith in God is a necessary and integral component of any social transformation activity. Poverty indeed is a question of the heart and only Jesus can change the hearts of people... We can show after 30 years that our development strategies, approaches, and methodologies are effective and have been proven to change people because Christ is the center of all of these. Christ has allowed us to see that these approaches and development strategies have to be wholistic that we cannot dichotomize between the secular and the spiritual,” Ate Ruth said during her speech.

Praise be to God as CCT continues to press on toward working for the new heavens and new earth.