From Wandering in the Streets to Building Homes

CCT Working Hands Ministry or CCT Working Hands takes its roots from the then Covenant Community Service Cooperative or CCSC. When CCSC was founded in 2010, CCT assigned it to handle the Sikhay sa Paggawa (SIPAG) Project in partnership with the Philippine government.

SIPAG was designed to help construction workers level up their skills and eventually lead to organizing workers’ guilds.  During that time, CCT began its Kaibigan Ministry among street dwellers, termed dearly as kaibigans (friends). Some of the kaibigans were masons and carpenters who only had a hint of skills. Nonetheless, they were recruited, trained, and enrolled them in technical-vocational courses such as carpentry, masonry, painting, welding, scaffolding, and heavy equipment operator training. Zaldy Lugay, who was then a driver of Ate Ruth, took the role of a foreman. He later on obtained eight NCII certificates from TESDA and became the “de facto” foreman of the kaibigans.

Eventually, the key kaibigans under the SIPAG Project became the core group of the Kaibigang Maaasahan Multipurpose Cooperative (KMMC) construction team that is behind the many structures of the CCT Group. One of its major projects was the Eurofragance building in Parañaque. According to the building owners, the project had zero accident and successfully met the structural standards of the Philippine Building Code.

With the goal to be market competitive as highly skilled workers and business co-owners at the same time, KMMC management helped the construction team evolve into a formal social enterprise. By doing so, it can secure accreditation as a building contractor and legitimately join the construction industry. This led to the birth of the C’s Kingdom Builders, C pertaining to Christ, which was officially registered on Dec 4, 2020.  The core group of workers gathered and participated in a visioning session facilitated by the CCT Working Hands Ministry. Foreman Zaldy was selected as the new general manager of the company. The former workers who started as ordinary workers now became foremen, leadmen, and multi-skilled workers in construction. God blessed them with at least 60 skilled workers, passionate for the Lord and His Word. He also awarded them with construction projects worth PhP72 million.

Praise be to God!