Tindahan on the Rise

When COVID-19 hit the world, CCT’s ministry operations were severely affected. Nevertheless, still armed with the passion to share the Word of God and help the needy, CCT continues to press on.

Among the CCT ministries that is in the frontline to bring sustainable income opportunities is the CCT Tindahan para sa Bayan, Inc. or simply CCT Tindahan. The ministry assists community partners with economic and promotional activities that can help their enterprises thrive even amid a pandemic.

CCT Tindahan saw opportunities to start income-generating activities. It collaborated with Tina Lauron, a tailor and community partner from CCT Rizal, whose business was severely affected. Tina incurred losses with many unpaid orders. Yet with CCT Tindahan, she produced high-quality face masks. The ministry helped her with the marketing and distribution of the products through its network and online platforms. As her business continues to grow, she provided job to tailors and seamstresses, and distributed relief goods to her community from her business’ surplus.

“The pandemic allowed CCT Tindahan to work with the cooperative’s community partners once more and utilize their products and services, hence providing additional income for their survival. This experience has encouraged CCT Tindahan to position itself as having a more proactive role in being a dynamic socio-economic influence not just among CCT’s community partners but for the entire CCT Group as well. It recognizes its role in understanding the market needs while assessing CCT Group’s current resources to match this demand,” the CCT Tindahan team reflected.

Another initiative by the ministry is the Give Hope enterprise, which benefits the children under the Visions of Hope Foundation, now the CCT Paglingap Foundation. During the pandemic, CCT Tindahan expanded its Give Hope products by offering essential products such as alcohol, face masks, disinfectant cleaners, and soap.

With the new normal’s emphasis on digital transformation, CCT Tindahan strives to establish a stronger presence online for a wider reach. Across digital trends and e-commerce, CCT embarks to serve more community partners.