CCT Launches its Governance and Leadership Development Program

Guided by God’s grace and wisdom, the CCT Group led by CCT Training and Development Institute (TDI) launched its Governance Leadership Development Program (GLDP) last May 14, 2020.

The online and interactive sessions, designed by its program director and CCT board member, Bro. Dante M. Velasco, aim to ensure that the CCT Group share crystalized principles and values—speaking the same CCT language and being driven by the same Vision and Mission, enabling the collective leadership to move forward.

The first session started with Ate Ruth S. Callanta's lecture on CCT as a Christian Development Network and a Movement. She shared the Biblical foundations, the clarity of purpose, the CCT way, among many others. Ate Ruth also emphasized that "there should be no sense of entitlement in CCT but there should be every sense in serving like Jesus.”

Following next was Bro. Dante Velasco’s equally engaging session last May 28, 2020. He steered the discussions on the Dynamics and Synergy of Governance and Executive Leadership with a panel discussion among CCT leaders including Bro. Bertram Lim, chairperson of CCT Inc; Ate Ruth Callanta, president and founder of the CCT Group; and Dr. Melba Maggay, CCT board member.

Among the highlights were the interactive breakout sessions participated by 60 CCT boards, regional council members, corporate members, and management teams—designed to bring deeper understanding on remaining mission true; equality between the board chair and executive officer; discipleship and spiritual development; ethical standards and board discipline; and infusing new blood in the board.

Bro. Edgar Trono from CCT Training and Development Institute shared that “equality is not sameness—we have the same value but we have different roles.”

GLDP is slated for a yearlong-run and is much anticipated to engage seasoned speakers on faith and social action while ushering insights-sharing among the participants.